Mitchell Seligson

Mitchell Seligson is the Centennial Professor of Political Science and Professor of Sociology at Vanderbilt University. In addition to his academic appointments, he is the founder and Senior Advisor of the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) which conducts the AmericasBarometer survey in 27 countries in Latin America.He has been a Fulbright Fellow and is the author of 14 books, over 140 articles, and more than 35 occasional papers and monographs. Prior to joining Vanderbilt, he was the Daniel H. Wallace Chair of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Center for Latin American Studies.

His research deals with agrarian reform and political participation in Central America.

Representative Publications

Damarys Canache, Mathew Hayes, Jeffery J. Mondak and Mitchell A. Seligson, “Determinants of Perceived Skin-Color Discrimination in Latin America,” Journal of Politics, April, 2014, Volume 76, No. 2.  pp. 506-520.

Development and Underdevelopment: The Political Economy of Global Inequality, 5th edition, co-edited with John Passé-Smith.  Boulder, CO:  Lynne Reinner Publishers, 2014.

Jeffery J. Mondak,  Matthew V. Hibbing, Damarys Canache,  Mitchell A. Seligson, and Marry R. Anderson. “Personality and Civic Engagement: An Integrative Framework for the Study of Trait Effects on Political Behavior.” American Political Science Review 104.1(2010): 1-26