Carlota Perez

Carlota Perez is a Centennial Professor of International Development at the London School of Economics, Professor of Technology and Socio-Economic Development at Tallinn University of Technology, and Honorary Professor at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. Professor Perez earned her License in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from the University of Paris VII and her MA from San Francisco State University.

As a Venezuelan, Professor Perez is dedicated to exploring the topics that impact her home country, especially the impact of technology on economics. She has authored multiple works that examine the relationship between government policy, economics, and technological revolutions.

Representative Publications

“Innovation as Growth Policy: The Challenge for Europe” (with Mariana Mazzucato). in Jan Fagerberg et al (eds) 2015

“Catching up in technology: entry barriers and windows of opportunity”. (with L.Soete) in Dosi et al. eds. 1988

“Technological revolutions, paradigm shifts and socio-institutional change”. in E.Reinert ed. 2004

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