Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd is an Associate Professor of Politics at Northwestern University and Director of the Buffet Faculty Research Group on Global Politics & Religion. She has a BA from Wesleyan University, MA from Yale University, and PhD from Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Hurd’s scholarship examines the intersection of religion and politics in addition to the relationship between politics and human rights and the right to religious freedom. She has also discussed governance of religious diversity, US foreign relations, and Middle Eastern politics. 

Representative Publications

“Politics of Sectarianism: Rethinking Religion and Politics in the Middle East.” Special Issue, “Research and Methodology in a Post-Arab Spring Environment: Challenges for the Field,” Middle East Law and Governance 7, no.1 (Spring 2015): 61-75

“The International Politics of Secularism: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”  Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 29, no. 2 (March-May 2004):  115-138

“Appropriating Islam: The Islamic other in the Consolidation of Western Modernity.” Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies 12, no.1 (Spring 2003):  25-41


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