Mark Turin

Mark Turin is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia and Chair of the First Nations and Endangered Languages Program. He also is a Visiting Associate Professor at the Yale School Forestry & Environmental Studies and has served as the Founding Program Director of the Yale Himalaya Initiative from 2011-2014. He earned his PhD in Linguistics from Leiden University.

His research interests are archives and cultural heritage, language conservation, and orality, especially in the Himalayan region. The majority of his writings address issues such as linguistic rights, cultural heritage, and language policy.

Representative Publications

2015. ‘People’ in Nepal: An Introduction to the Natural History, Ecology and Human Environment of the Himalayas, edited by Georg Miehe, Colin Pendry. Royal Botanic Garden: Edinburgh. Co-authored with Martin Gaenszle, Will Tuladhar-Douglas & Ram Bahadur Chettri, pp. 251-269.

2013. ‘After the Return: Digital Repatriation and the Circulation of Indigenous Knowledge’, in Museum Worlds: Advances in Research, Volume 1, pp. 195-203. By Joshua Bell, Kimberly Christen and Mark Turin.

2013. ‘Voices of Vanishing Worlds: Endangered Languages, Orality, and Cognition’, Análise Social, 205, XLVII (4.o), 2012, pp. 846-869.

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