Naila Kabeer

Naila Kabeer is a Professor of Gender and Development at the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics.

Her research centers on gender inequality and the role it plays in the household, labor markets, and the overall economy. Additionally, the relationship between individual empowerment and societal justice is explored through the study of collective action taken by disenfranchised and marginalized groups to obtain justice.

Representative Publications

Naila Kabeer , Kirsty Milward & Ratna Sudarshan (2013) Organising women workers in the informal economy, Gender & Development, 21:2, 249-263

Naila Kabeer (2005) Gender equality and women’s empowerment: A critical analysis of the third millennium development goal, Gender & Development, 13:1, 13-24

Kabeer, Naila, and Simeen Mahmud. Microfinance and Social Mobilisation. Alternative Pathways to Grassroots Democracy?. Zed Books, 2010.

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