Adam Berinsky

Adam J. Berinsky is a Professor of Political Science at MIT and director of the MIT Political Experiments Research Lab. He earned his B.A. from Wesleyan University and Ph.D from the University of Michigan. 

He studies the political behavior of ordinary citizens. His research deals primarily with questions of representation and the communication of public sentiment to political elites, he has also studied group-based stereotypes, public opinion and foreign policy, the effect of voting reforms, and the power of the media.

Representative Publications

“Missing Voices: Polling and Health Care.” Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. 2011. 36(6):975-987 (with Michele Margolis)

“Education and Political Participation: Exploring the Causal Link.” Political Behavior. 2011. 33(3):357-373 (with Gabriel Lenz)

“Sex and Race: Are Black Candidates More Likely to be Disadvantaged by Sex Scandals?”Political Behavior. 2011. 33(2):179-202 (with Vincent Hutchings, Tali Mendelberg, Lee Shaker, and Nicholas Valentino)

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