Beth Simmons

Beth Simmons is the Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs and Director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. She received her PhD from Harvard University in the Department of Government.

Her current areas of research include cooperative approaches to counter transnational crime (human trafficking, money laundering, corruption), the development of international law with respect to foreign direct investments, and the implementation of international human rights standards in domestic law.

Representative Publications

Simmons BA, Creamer C. “Transparency at Home: How Well Do Governments Share Human Rights Information with Citizens?.” Transparency in International Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press ; 2013. pp. 239-267

Simmons BA, Lloyd P, Stewart B. “Combating Transnational Crime: The Role of Learning and Norm Diffusion in the Current Rule of Law Wave.” The Dynamics of the Rule of Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press ; 2012. pp. 153-180

Simmons BA. “Globalization, Sovereignty and Democracy: The Role of International Organizations in a Globalizing World”. In: Nardulli PF International Perspectives on Contemporary Democracy. University of Illinois Press ; 2008. pp. 158-182.

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