Dali Yang

Dali Yang is is the William Claude Reavis Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago and founding Faculty Director of the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. He is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He has a PhD in Political Science from Princeton University.

His research focuses on the politics of Chinese development and social regulation, environmental governance, social and political trust, and state-society relations.

Representative Publications

Ernan Cui, Ran Tao, Travis J. Warner, and Dali L. Yang, “How Do Land Takings Affect Political Trust in Rural China?” Political Studies, 2014

Waikeung Tam and Dali Yang, “Food Safety and the Development of Regulatory Institutions in China,” Asian Perspective, vol. 29, no. 4 (2005), 5-36

Fubing Su, Ran Tao, and Dali L. Yang,  “Rethinking the Institutional Foundations of China’s Hyper Growth,” in The Oxford Handbook on the Politics of Development, eds., Carol Lancaster  and Nicholas van de Walle, Oxford University Press, forthcoming


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