Douglas Kriner

Douglas Kriner is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Boston University. He has an S.B. in Political Science and S.B. in History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University.

His research interests include American political institutions, separation of powers dynamics, and military policymaking. He has also examined the relationship between Congress and the President on military policymaking and how electoral incentives lead to an unequal distributions of resources.

Representative Publications

Constitutional Qualms or Politics as Usual? The Factors Shaping Public Support for Unilateral Action. (with Dino Christenson). Forthcoming. American Journal of Political Science

Conscription, Inequality, and Partisan Support for War (with Francis Shen). Forthcoming. Journal of Conflict Resolution

Investigating the President: Committee Probes and Presidential Approval, 1953-2006 (with Eric Schickler). 2014. Journal of Politics. 76: 521-534

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