Edmond Keller

Edmond Keller is a Research Professor of political science, and former Director of the UCLA Globalization Research Center-Africa and of the James S. Coleman African Studies Center at the University of California-Los Angeles. Professor Keller received his B.A. in Government from Louisiana State University in New Orleans, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Professor Keller specializes in issues of political transitions in Africa, including cultural pluralism, identity politics and citizenship, and conflict and conflict management in Africa.

Representative Publications

“Constitutionalism, Citizenship and Political Transitions in Ethiopia: Historic and Contemporary Processes.” in Francis M. Deng, ed. Self-Determination and National Unity: A Challenge for Africa, World Press (2010)

“Africa and the United States: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization”, Africa-US Relations: Strategic Encounters, (2006)

“The Ethnogenisis of the Oromo Nation and Its Implications for Politics in Ethiopia”, Journal of Modern African Studies, 33, 4 (1995)

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