Josh Clinton

Josh Clinton is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Co-Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at Vanderbilt University. He is also a Co-Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Political Science. He has a Ph.D. Political Science, M.S. Statistics, and M.A. Economics from Stanford University.

Professor Clinton uses statistical methods to better understand political processes. He is especially interested in the politics in the U.S. Congress, campaigns and elections, representation, and the uses and abuses of statistical methods for understanding public opinion and political phenomena.

Representative Publications

2014. “The National News Media’s Effect on Congress: How Fox News Affected Representatives in Congress,” Journal of Politics. 76(4): 928-943. With Ted Enamorado.

2014. “Political Influence in the Bureaucracy: The Irony of Congressional Oversight,” American Journal of Political Science. 58(2): 387-401. With David E. Lewis and Jennifer Selin

“The Statistical Analysis of Roll Call Voting: A Unified Approach,” American Political Science Review 98 (2) 355-70. With Simon Jackman and Doug Rivers

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