Shelly Kagan

Shelly Kagan is the Clark Professor of Philosophy at Yale University. He is famous for his lectures on death (which are publicly available). He was an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, and received his PhD in philosophy from Princeton University. 

Professor Kagan is a scholar in normative ethics. He has published articles on Kantian ethics, the role of game-playing in utopia, and the use of moral intuitions in moral philosophy. Much of his work also deals with the debate between consequentialist and deontological moral theories.

Representative Publications

“Does Consequentialism Demand Too Much?” Philosophy & Public Affairs (1984): 239-254

“Donagan on the Sins of Consequentialism,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy (1987): 643-653

“The Structure of Normative Ethics,” Philosophical Perspectives (1992): 223-242

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