Stephen Stich

Stephen Stich is a Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Rutgers. He earned his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. from Princeton University. 

Much of his research deals with cognitive science, philosophy of mind, experimental philosophy, moral psychology, and philosophical methodology. 

Representative Publications

Stephen Stich, “Five Answers,” to appear in Mind and Consciousness:  Five Questions, ed. by Patrick Grim, Automatic Press / VIP

Stephen Stich, “Some Questions About the Evolution of Morality,” commentary on The Evolution of Morality by Richard Joyce, to appear in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Stephen Stich, “Evolution, Altruism and Cognitive Architecture:  A Critique of Sober and Wilson’s Argument for Psychological Altruism,” Biology and Philosophy, 22, 2, March 2007.  Pp. 267-281



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