Sally Haslanger

Sally Haslanger is the Ford Professor of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an affiliate in the MIT Women’s and Gender Studies Program. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Reed College, a M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley. 

She specializes in metaphysics, social/political philosophy, and feminist theory but has researched ancient Greek philosophy, epistemology, and the philosophy of language. She is especially active in the area of gender and equity studies.

Representative Publications

“Theorizing with a Purpose: The Many Kinds of Sex.”  2016.  In Natural Kinds and Classification in Scientific Practice.Ed. Catherine Kendig.  New York: Routledge

“The Normal, the Natural and the Good: Generics and Ideology” Politica & Società 3 (2014): 365-392

“A Social Constructionist Analysis of Race,” in B. Koenig, S. Lee and S. Richardson, ed., Revisiting Race in the Genomic Age, Rutgers University Press, 2008

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