Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin (January 14, 1921–July 30, 2006) was an American anarchist and libertarian socialist who founded the Institute for Social Ecology. He became disillusioned with anarchism in the late 1990s and founded his own form of libertarian socialism, Communalism, after American anarchism became increasingly apolitical.

Bookchin was a stanch anti-capitalist and advocate for a decentralized society. One of his most renowned ideas was libertarian municipalism, the concept of face-to-face, assembly democracy.

Representative Publications

Bookchin, Murray. “The Crisis in the Ecology Movement.” Zeta Magazine 1 (1988): 121-123

Bookchin, Murray. Municipalization: Community Ownership of the Economy. Green Program Project, 1986

Bookchin, Murray. “A Philosophical Naturalism.”The Philosophy of Social Ecology: Essays on Dialectical Naturalism 2 (1992)

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