Martin Beniston

Martin Beniston is a Professor of Climate Research, Chair for Climate Research, and Director of the Institute for Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva. He is vice-chairman of one of the working groups of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. He has a B.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia, M.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Reading, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Modeling from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and Habilitation degree Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich in Climate Modeling.

His research deals with climate change and the impact of global warming with a concentration in the Alps.

Representative Publications

López-Moreno, J. I., and Martin Beniston. “Daily precipitation intensity projected for the 21st century: seasonal changes over the Pyrenees.” Theoretical and Applied Climatology 95.3-4 (2009): 375-384

Verstraete, Michel M., et al. “Climate change and desertification: Where do we stand, where should we go?.” Global and Planetary Change 64.3 (2008): 105-110

Beniston, Martin. “Warm winter spells in the Swiss Alps: Strong heat waves in a cold season? A study focusing on climate observations at the Saentis high mountain site.” Geophysical Research Letters 32.1 (2005)

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