Daniele Archibugi

Daniele Archibugi is a Professor of Innovation, Governance and Public Policy at the University of London, Research Director at the Italian National Research Council (CNR), and affiliate of the Institute on Population and Social Policy (IRPPS). He has a laurea (graduate) in Economics from the University of Rome and a D.Phil. in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Sussex.

Professor Archibugi is an influential figure in the study of globalization and has contributed to the study of the economics and policy of innovation and technological change, the political theory of international relations, and political and technological globalization. He has played a major role in the development of cosmopolitanism and cosmopolitan democracy and advocates for more transparency in government. He has criticized international organizations such as the United Nations and the G7, G8, and G20 summits for being undemocratic and supports a World Parliament. Professor Archibugi has also developed a taxonomy of globalization and advocates for improvements in EU immigration policy to encourage more migrants to pursue STEM degrees at European universities.

Representative Publications

Archibugi, Daniele, and Andrea Filippetti. “The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights: Much Ado About Nothing?.” The Global Politics of Science and Technology-Vol. 1. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014. 161-181

Archibugi, Daniele. “A League of Democracies or a Democratic United Nations.” Global Society 23.1 (2009): 37-57

Archibugi, Daniele. The Global Commonwealth of Citizens: Toward Cosmopolitan Democracy. Vol. 6. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2008

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