Jessica Chen Weiss

Jessica Chen Weiss is an Associate Professor of Government and International Faculty Fellow at the Einaudi Center for International Studies at Cornell University. She earned he B.A. in Political Science from Stanford University and her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego.

Her interests include Chinese politics and foreign policy, international relations of the Asia-Pacific, nationalism and popular protest, domestic politics of foreign policy-making and crisis behavior, and state-society relations in authoritarian states.

Representative Publications

Debs, Alexandre, and Jessica Chen Weiss. “Circumstances, domestic audiences, and reputational incentives in international crisis bargaining.” Journal of Conflict Resolution (2014)

Wallace, Jeremy L., and Jessica Chen Weiss. “The Political Geography of Nationalist Protest in China: Cities and the 2012 Anti-Japanese Protests.” The China Quarterly 222 (2015): 403-429

Ciociari, John D., and Jessica Chen Weiss. “The Sino-Vietnamese Standoff in the South China Sea.” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (2012): 61-69

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