Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Thanissaro Bhikkhu (born Geoffrey DeGraff) is an American Buddhist monk in the Kammatthana (or Thai Forest) Tradition. He has served as the abbott of the Metta Forest Monastery (Wat Mettavanaram) in the foothills of San Diego County since 1993 and has translated many important Buddhist works and dhamma, or the truths taught by the Buddha.

Most of his works are translations of Buddhist writings such as suttas and dhammas but he has also authored works analyzing Buddhist teachings.

Representative Publications

Bhikkhu, Thanissaro. “The Dhammapada, a Translation.” (1998): 1998

Bhikkhu, Thanissaro. “The Buddhist Monastic Code I.” (1994)

Bhikkhu, Thanissaro. The Mind like Fire Unbound. Dhamma Dana Publications, 1993

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