Andrew Taslitz

Andrew Taslitz (1956–February 9, 2014) was a Professor of Law at American University. Professor Taslitz received his B.A. in Economics from Queens College of the City University of New York and his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

The vast majority of his scholarship deals with Fourth Amendment violations and interpretations, including individualized suspicions and its implications on policing. Additionally, Professor Taslitz addresses mass incarceration and the disparate impact it has on people of color and low income communities.

Representative Publications

Taslitz, Andrew E. “Fourth Amendment Federalism and the Silencing of the American Poor.” Chicago–Kent Law Review 85 (2010): 277–312.

Taslitz, Andrew E. “What is Probable Cause, and Why Should We Care? The Costs, Benefits, and Meaning of Individualized Suspicion.” Law & Contemporary Problems (2010).

Taslitz, Andrew E. “Wrongly Accused Redux: How Race Contributes to Convicting the Innocent – The Informants Example.” Southwestern University Law Review (2008).

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