Gabrielle Hecht

Gabrielle Hecht is a Professor of History and Director of the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Michigan and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards. She earned her S.B. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her M.A. and Ph.D. in History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Hecht has written extensively on the technopolitics of uranium and nuclear energy. Her work addresses the sociological impact of nuclear power plants, uranium mining, and technological advancement on those involved with these ventures, particularly the minority populations who are disproportionately affected. Professor Hecht’s work tends to have a regional, pan-African focus.

Representative Publications

Edwards, Paul N., and Gabrielle Hecht. “History and the Technopolitics of Identity: The
Case of Apartheid South Africa.” Journal of Southern African Studies 36.3 (2010): 619-639.

Hecht, Gabrielle. “Hopes for the Radiated Body: Uranium Miners and Transnational Technopolitics in Namibia.” The Journal of African History 51.02 (2010): 213-234.

Hecht, Gabrielle. “Nuclear Janitors: Contract Workers at the Fukushima Reactors and Beyond.” Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus 11.2 (2013).

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