Emily Gold Waldman

Emily Gold Waldman is a Professor of Law at Pace University and Co-Director of the Federal Judicial Honors Program. She earned her B.A. in History from Yale University and her J.D. from Harvard University.

Professor Waldman researches education law with respect to the rights of students in the classroom. She also writes on civil liberties in general, including the rights of patients and prospective employees.

Representative Publications

Waldman, Emily Gold. “Show and Tell: Students’ Personal Lives, Schools, and Parents.” Connecticut Law Review 47 (2014): 699-740.

Waldman, Emily Gold. “Regulating Student Speech: Suppression Versus Punishment.” Indiana Law Journal 85 (2010): 1113-1154.

Waldman, Emily Gold. “Fulfilling Lucy’s Legacy: Recognizing Implicit Good-Faith Obligations Within Explicit Job Duties.” Pace Law Review 28 (2007): 429-454.

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