Jessica Feierman

Jessica Feierman is an Adjunct Professor of Law at both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. She is also the Associate Director of the Juvenile Law Center, an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of vulnerable children in the welfare and juvenile justice systems. Professor Feierman earned her LLM in Law from Georgetown University and her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Her articles and advocacy work focuses on the impact of trauma of child welfare policies and the obstacles and opportunities that youth in the juvenile justice system must face.

Representative Publications

Juvenile Law Center, and United States of America. “Ten Strategies To Reduce Juvenile Length of Stay.” (2015).

Feierman, Jessica, et al. “Stemming the Tide: Promising Legislation to Reduce School Referrals to the Courts.” Family Court Review 51.3 (2013): 409-417.

Levick, Marsha, et al. “The Eighth Amendment Evolves: Defining Cruel and Unusual Punishment through the Lens of Childhood and Adolescence.” University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change 15 (2011): 285-321.

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