September/October Public Forum Topic

Note: This list is incomplete and will be added to constantly. Check back frequently for updates.


Cornell Legal Information Institute: Offers all Supreme Count opinions handed down since the LII’s inception in 1992 in addition to over 600 significant earlier opinions. The LII also includes definitions of thousands of legal terms (direct link).

National Constitution Center: A non-partisan organization that strives to increase Constitutional awareness among the American people and often examines constitutional issues on their blog, Constitution Daily (direct link).


Jason Nance: Associate Professor of Law and the Associate Director for Education Law and Policy at the Center on Children and Families at the University of Florida. His research deals with the racial disparities in school discipline and the negative effects it has on students (direct link).

Audrey Osler: Visiting Professor at the University of London and the University of Leeds. She researches the socio-cultural contexts of learning and the relationship between education policy and human rights, particularly through citizenship education (direct link).

Jessica Feierman: Adjunct Professor of Law at both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania and Associate Director of the Juvenile Law Center. Her articles and advocacy focuses on the impact of trauma of child welfare policies and the obstacles and opportunities that youth in the juvenile justice system must face (direct link).

Joseph Tulman: Professor of Law and the Director of the Took Crowell Institute for At-Risk Youth at the University of the District of Columbia. His research addresses the unnecessary detention of children and the use of special education law to prevent excessive youth incarceration (direct link).

David A. Harris: Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh. He writes about police behavior and regulation, law enforcement, and national security issues and the law and is considered a leading authority on racial profiling. One of his articles published in the Mississippi Law Journal addresses the relationship between racial profiling and the Fourth Amendment, available here (direct link).


Emily Gold Waldman: Professor of Law at Pace University and Co-Director of the Federal Judicial Honors Program. She primarily researches the constitutionality of regulating student speech, however, she has written on the school searches and the Fourth Amendment in a Touro Law Review article, available here (direct link).

Tonja Jacobi: William G. and Virginia K. Karnes Research Professor of Law at Northwestern University. Professor Jacobi researches the politics of the judiciary in addition to the rights of individuals throughout the criminal justice process (direct link).

Hank Bohanon: Professor of Special Education and Coordinator of Special Education Teacher Preparation, and Special Needs Alignment Across General Education Teacher Education Program at Loyola University Chicago. He researches the effectiveness of positive behavior intervention programs in schools and alternatives to zero tolerance (direct link).

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