Economic Policy Institute

The Economic Policy Institute is an establishment created in 1986 designed to compose economic research and analyze economic impacts. The EPI is both non-profit and non-partisan, however, is usually known for promoting a liberal point of view.

The Institute has published the novel The State of The Working America (1988), in addition to coordinating with the Economic Analysis and Research Network. In 2008 the EPI introduced the Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy to combat racial inequalities as well as BBA (The Broader, Bolder Approach) a campaign designed to boost economically disadvantaged schools.

The Economic Policy Institute has 12 areas of analysis: education, federal budget deficits and taxes, health, jobs and wages, living standards, immigration, labor policy, macroeconomic performance, public investment, race and ethnicity, regulation and retirement and trade and globalization.


Representative Publications

Cooper, David. “Waitstaff And Bartenders Are Less Likely To Be In Poverty When They Are Paid The Regular Minimum Wage.” Economic Policy Institute. 29 August 2016. Web.

Berger, Noah and Fisher, Peter. “A Well-Educated Workforce Is Key To State Prosperity.” Economic Policy Institute. 29 August 2016. Web.

Goodstein, Eban. “Jobs And The Environment.” Economic Policy Institute. 29 August 2016. Web.





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