The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is an institution established in 1973 dedicated to research and education. The mission of The Heritage Foundation is to promote and create conservative policies, in which most of their research and educational opportunities are dedicated towards.

The foundation is ranked number 17 out of 150 of the “Top Think Tanks Worldwide.” The institution has greatly influenced public policy, from co-hosting the Republican Party Presidential Candidates debate in the 2012 election, to significantly influencing what is now known as the Affordable Care Act.

The Heritage Foundation has published numerous novels and journals including Mandate For Leadership (1981) and We Still Hold These Truths (2010) as well as its very own public policy journal titled Policy Review.

Additionally, the endowment is home to several personnel that have served in government positions including John Lehman, Michael Johns, Richard V. Allen and Paul Bremer.


Representative Publications


Burke, Lindsey and Bryan, Jamie Hall. “Big Debt, Little Study: What Taxpayers Should Know About College Students’ Time Use.” The Heritage Foundation. 29 August 2016. Web.

Gattuso, James L. and Katz, Diane. “Red Tape Rising 2016: Obama Regs Top $100 Billion Annually.” The Heritage Foundation. 29 August 2016. Web.

Dunlop, Becky Norton. “Effects of Environment Policy on Private Property Rights.” The Heritage Foundation. 29 August 2016. Web.









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