Peter Kahn

Peter Kahn is a Professor in the Department of Psychology and Director of the Human Interaction With Nature and Technological Systems (HINTS) Lab at the University of Washington. He earned his B.A. in English, M.S. in Education, and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Professor Kahn has conducted extensive research in the fields of ecopsychology, the human relationship with nature, technology and nature, and science and technology studies. In his earlier research, he studied the relationship between children and nature.

Representative Publications

Kahn Jr., Peter H., and Batya Friedman. “On Nature and Environmental Education: Black Parents Speak from the Inner City.” Environmental Education Research 4.1 (1998): 25-39.

Kahn, Peter H., Rachel L. Severson, and Jolina H. Ruckert. “The Human Relation with Nature and Technological Nature.” Current Directions in Psychological Science 18.1 (2009): 37-42.

Kahn Jr, Peter H., et al. “What is a Human?: Toward Psychological Benchmarks in the Field of Human–Robot Interaction.” Interaction Studies 8.3 (2007): 363-390.

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