Thomas Carothers

Thomas Carothers is one of the most renowned experts on international democratization and U.S. foreign policy. Carothers attended both Harvard University and London School Of Economics. He currently serves as vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he created the Democracy and Rule of Law Program. Additionally, Carothers taught at several universities including Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Nuffield College and Oxford.

Professor Carothers has published several novels including Aiding Democracy Abroad (1999), Critical Mission (2004) and Confronting The Weakest Link (2006). In addition, he has written numerous prominent essays, three volumes and several articles in Journal of Democracy, Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Policy.

Carothers work focuses primarily on international democratization and extends into United States foreign policy and affairs.

Representative Publications

Carothers, Thomas and Gramont, Diane De. “Aiding Governance In Developing Countries: Progress Amid Uncertainties.” Carnegie Endowment For International Peace. 3 September 2016. Web.

Carothers, Thomas. “Think Again: Arab Democracy.” Foreign Policy. 3 September 2016. Web.

Carothers, Thomas. “The “Sequencing” Fallacy.” Journal Of Democracy. Vol 18. 3 September 2016. Web.











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