David Thatcher

David Thatcher is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. He earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering and B.A. in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles, Master of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan, and Ph.D. in Public Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The majority of Professor Thatcher’s research deals with analyzing the best strategies of policing, with an emphasis on community and maintenance policing. He has also written about the moral role of social research and inequality in crime and justice.

Representative Publications

Thacher, David. “The Local Role in Homeland Security.” Law & Society Review 39.3 (2005): 635-676.

Thacher, David. “Equity and Community Policing: A New View of Community Partnerships.” Criminal Justice Ethics 20.1 (2001): 3-16.

Thacher, David. “From Racial Profiling to Racial Equality: Rethinking Equity in Police Stops and Searches.” Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Working Paper 02-006 (2002).

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