Susan Dynarski

Susan Dynarski is a Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Education, and Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan. She is the recipient of over $20 million in grants and is currently serving as the President of the Association for Education Finance and Policy. Professor Dynarski earned her A.B. in Social Sciences and M.P.P. from Harvard University and her Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Her research addresses the effectiveness of charter schools, the economics of financial aid and private school attendance, postsecondary schooling and labor market outcomes, and the effect of high school reforms on academic achievement and educational attainment.

Representative Publications

Dynarski, Susan, and Judith Scott-Clayton. Financial Aid Policy: Lessons from Research. No. w18710. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013.

Deming, David, and Susan Dynarski. “The Lengthening of Childhood.” The Journal of Economic Perspectives 22.3 (2008): 71-92.

Dynarski, Susan M. Does Aid Matter? Measuring the Effect of Student Aid on College Attendance and Completion. No. w7422. National Bureau of Economic Research, 1999.

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