Magali Delmas

Magali Delmas is a Professor of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles and President of the Association for Research in Corporate Responsibility. She has been the recipient of many grants, including two from the National Science Foundations. Professor Delmas earned her Ph.D. in Business Policy and Strategy from the H.E.C. Graduate School of Management.

Her research addresses the ways in which information can increase conservation behavior, particularly among corporations and consumers.

Representative Publications

Chen, Chien‐Ming, Magali A. Delmas, and Marvin B. Lieberman. “Production Frontier Methodologies and Efficiency as a Performance Measure in Strategic Management Research.” Strategic Management Journal 36.1 (2015): 19-36.

Delmas, Magali A., and Neil Lessem. “Saving Power to Conserve your Reputation? The Effectiveness of Private versus Public Information.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 67.3 (2014): 353-370.

Delmas, Magali A., and Vanessa Cuerel Burbano. “The Drivers of Greenwashing.” California Management Review 54.1 (2011): 64-87.

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