Mary Berkheiser

Mary Berkheiser is the Joyce Mack Professor of Law and Director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Professor Berkheiser earned her B.A. in English, Psychology, and Secondary Education and her J.D. from the University of Arizona.

Her research deals with children in the juvenile justice system and the advancement of their rights while in the system.

Representative Publications

Berkheiser, Mary. “The Fiction of Juvenile Right to Counsel: Waiver in the Juvenile Courts.” Florida Law Review 54 (2002): 577-686.

Berkheiser, Mary. “Developmental Detour: How the Minimalism of Miller v. Alabama Led the Court’s Kids are Different Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence Down a Blind Alley.” Akron Law Review 46 (2013): 489-517.

Berkheiser, Mary. “Capitalizing Adolescence: Juvenile Offenders on Death Row.” University of Miami Law Review 59 (2004): 135-202.

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