Stephen Walt

Stephen Walt is a professor of international affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Professor Walt has been a Resident Associate of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace and a Guest Scholar at the Brooking Institute. In addition, he served as a consultant for the National Defense University, the Center for Naval Analyses, and the Institute for Defense Analyses. Professor Walt is currently on the editorial boards of Foreign Policy, Security Studies, International Relations, and Journal of Cold War Studies as well as co-editor of the Cornell Studies in Security Affairs. In 2005 professor Walt was elected as a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Professor Walt has written several novels including The Origins of Alliances (1987), Revolution and War (1996) and Taming American Power (2005).

Professor Walt’s area of expertise is international relations, specifically regarding the Middle East, Russia and the US.

Representative Publications

Ikenberry, G. John, and Stephen M. Walt. “Offshore Balancing or International Institutions? The Way Forward to U.S. Foreign Policy.” Brown Journal of World Affairs XIV. (Fall/Winter 2007): 13-23.

Walt, Stephen. “The Blame Game.” Foreign Policy 151 (November/December 2005): 44-46.

Walt, Stephen. “Nothing Revolutionary.” Review of International Studies. 27.4. (October 2001).

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