Richard Fording

Richard Fording is a Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department at the University of Alabama. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Florida and his Ph.D. in Political Science from Florida State University.

Professor Fording researches race and politics, with an emphasis on the government’s role in welfare.

Representative Publications

Schram, Sanford F., et al. “The Third Level of US Welfare Reform: Governmentality under Neoliberal Paternalism.” Citizenship Studies 14.6 (2010): 739-754.

Kim, HeeMin, G. Bingham Powell Jr, and Richard C. Fording. “Electoral Systems, Party Systems, and Ideological Representation: An Analysis of Distortion in Western Democracies.” Comparative Politics 42.2 (2010): 167-185.

Soss, Joe, Richard Fording, and Sanford F. Schram. “The Organization of Discipline: From Performance Management to Perversity and Punishment.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 21.2 (2011): i203-i232.

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