Katharine R.E. Sims

Katharine R.E. Sims is an Associate Professor of Economics at Amherst College. She earned her B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University and M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University.

Professor Sims’ research uses economics to study how land conservation policies effect both the economy and the environment.

Representative Publications

Alix-Garcia, Jennifer M., Katharine R.E. Sims, and Patricia Yañez-Pagans. “Only One Tree from Each Seed? Environmental Effectiveness and Poverty Alleviation in Mexico’s Payments for Ecosystem Services Program.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 7.4 (2015): 1-40.

Sims, Katharine RE. “Do Protected Areas Reduce Forest Fragmentation? A Microlandscapes Approach.” Environmental and Resource Economics 58.2 (2014): 303-333.

Alix-Garcia, Jennifer, et al. “The Ecological Footprint of Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Mexico’s Oportunidades Program.” Review of Economics and Statistics 95.2 (2013): 417-435.

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