Agustín Fuentes

Agustín Fuentes is a Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Department at the University of Notre Dame. He earned his B.A. in Anthropology and Zoology and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Professor Fuentes researches the source of humanity, meaning the how and why of being human.

Representative Publications

Fuentes, Agustín. “It’s Not All Sex and Violence: Integrated Anthropology and the Role of Cooperation and Social Complexity in Human Evolution.” American Anthropologist 106.4 (2004): 710-718.

Fuentes, Agustín, et al. “Characterizing Human–Macaque Interactions in Singapore.” American Journal of Primatology 70.9 (2008): 879-883.

Fuentes, Agustin. “Ethnoprimatology and the Anthropology of the Human-Primate Interface.” Annual Review of Anthropology 41 (2012): 101-117.

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