Eric McGlinchey

Eric McGlinchey is an Associate Professor of Government and Politics as George Mason University. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Vassar College and Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University.

Professor McGlinchey researches comparative politics, Central Asian regime change, political Islam, and social mobilization.

Representative Publications

McGlinchey, Eric. “Leadership Succession, Great Power Ambitions, and the Future of Central Asia.” Central Asian Affairs 3.3 (2016): 209-225.

McGlinchey, Eric. “Islamic Revivalism and State Failure in Kyrgyzstan.” Problems of Post-Communism 56.3 (2009): 16-28.

McGlinchey, Eric, et al. “Autocrats, Islamists, and the Rise of Radicalism in Central Asia.” Current History 104.684 (2005): 336-342.

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