Peter Leeson

Peter Leeson is the Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Law at George Mason University. Professor Leeson earned his B.A. from Hillsdale College and his Ph.D. from George Mason University.

His research spans the breadth of law and economics, ranging from international economics to political theory to economics of disaster relief. Perhaps most interesting, however, Professor Leeson has researched the economics and politics of pirates and the tolerance of pirates.

Representative Publications

Boettke, Peter J., and Peter T. Leeson. “Liberalism, Socialism, and Robust Political Economy.” Journal of Markets and Morality 7.1 (2004): 99-111.

Coyne, Christopher J., and Peter T. Leeson. “Read All About It! Understanding the Role of Media in Economic Development.” Kyklos 57.1 (2004): 21-44.

Leeson, Peter T., and Christopher J. Coyne. “The Economics of Computer Hacking.” Journal of Law Economics & Policy 1 (2005): 511.

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