Henry Farrell

Henry Farrell is an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University. He earned his B.A. in Politics and Economics and M.A. in Politics from University College Dublin and M.A. in German and European Studies and Ph.D. in Comparative Politics from Georgetown University.

Professor Farrell researches the European Union and European integration, e-commerce, and politics and blogs.

Representative Publications

Farrell, Henry. “New Problems, New Publics? Dewey and New Media.” Policy & Internet 6.2 (2014): 176-191.

Aday, Sean, et al. “Watching from Afar: Media Consumption Patterns Around the Arab Spring.” American Behavioral Scientist (2013): 899-919.

Bergström, Carl-Fredrik, Henry Farrell, and Adrienne Héritier. “Legislate or delegate? Bargaining over implementation and legislative authority in the EU.” West European Politics 30.2 (2007): 338-366.

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