Rebecca Adler-Nissen

Rebecca Adler-Nissen is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen and Deputy Director of Images in International Security. She was the recipient of the Nils Kilm Prize in 2015 and was awarded the silver medal by The Royal Danish Academy for Sciences and Letters in 2016. She previously served as the Head of the Department of European Policy at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Professor Adler-Nissen researches international relations theory and diplomacy, sovereignty and European integration.

Representative Publications

Adler-Nissen, Rebecca. “Symbolic Power in European Diplomacy: The Struggle between National Foreign Services and the EU’s External Action Service.” Review of International Studies 40.04 (2014): 657-681.

Adler-Nissen, Rebecca. “Stigma Management in International Relations: Transgressive Identities, Norms, and Order in International Society.” International Organization 68.01 (2014): 143-176.

Adler-Nissen, Rebecca, and Kristoffer Kropp. “A Sociology of Knowledge Approach to European Integration: Four Analytical Principles.” Journal of European Integration 37.2 (2015): 155-173.

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