Özgur Özdamar

Özgur Özdamar is an Assistant Professor of International Relations and the Director of Research and a Senior Researcher at the Center for Foreign Policy and Peace Research at Bilkent University. Professor Özdamar earned his B.S. in Political Science and Public Administration from Middle East Technical University and his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

He researches foreign policy analysis, forecasting, international relations theories and security studies.

Representative Publications

Ozdamar, Ozgur, B. Toygar Halistoprak, and I. Erkarn Sula. “From Good Neighbor to Model: Turkey’s Changing Roles in the Middle East in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring.” International Relations 11.42 (2014): 93-113.

Özdamar, Özgür. “Security and Military Balance in the Black Sea Region.” Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 10.3 (2010): 341-359.

Özcan, Nihat Ali, and Özgür Özdamar. “Iran’s Nuclear Program and the Future of US-Iranian Relations.” Middle East Policy 16.1 (2009): 121.

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