Fabio Franchino

Fabio Franchino is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Milan. He earned his B.Sc. in European Business and Technology from the University of Brighton, M.A. in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University, and Ph.D. in Government from the London School of Economics.

Professor Franchino studies the politics and policy of the European Union and the political process that governments EU legislation.

Representative Publications

Franchino, Fabio, and Marco Mainenti. “The Electoral Foundations to Noncompliance: Addressing the Puzzle of Unlawful State Aid in the European Union.” Journal of Public Policy: 1-30.

Franchino, Fabio. “The Social Bases of Nuclear Energy Policies in Europe: Ideology, Proximity, Belief Updating and Attitudes to Risk.” European Journal of Political Research 53.2 (2014): 213-233.

Franchino, Fabio, and Marco Mainenti. “Electoral Institutions and Distributive Policies in Parliamentary Systems: An Application to State Aid Measures in EU Countries.” West European Politics 36.3 (2013): 498-520.

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