Jowei Chen

Jowei Chen is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan and Principal Investigator and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Governance and Public Policy Research at Willamette University. Professor Chen earned his B.A. in Ethics, Politics, and Economics from Yale University and his M.S. in Statistics and Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University.

He researches distributive politics, executive agencies and legislatures. Recently, Professor Chen has examined the relationship between the electoral geography of legislators districts and their pork-barreling strategies. He also researches the influence of government spending on public opinion and political control of executive agencies.

Representative Publications

Chen, Jowei, and Jonathan Rodden. “Unintentional Gerrymandering: Political Geography and Electoral Bias in Legislatures.” Quarterly Journal of Political Science 8.3 (2013): 239-269.

Chen, Jowei, and Tim Johnson. “Federal Employee Unionization and Presidential Control of the Bureaucracy: Estimating and Explaining Ideological Change in Executive Agencies.” Journal of Theoretical Politics 27.1 (2015): 151-174.

Chen, Jowei. “Voter Partisanship and the Effect of Distributive Spending on Political Participation.” American Journal of Political Science 57.1 (2013): 200-217.

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