Laura Pulido

Laura Pulido is a Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California and Visiting Professor of Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Professor Pulido earned her B.A. in Geography from California State University, Fresno, M.S. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Ph.D. in Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles.

She researches the racial processes that shape place and the way that place affects race. Professor Pulido focuses regionally on the Southwestern U.S., with a specific interest in Los Angeles. The majority of her research deals with Chicano/a studies and she has examined complex racial issues and constructs through a variety of lenses. More recently, she has focused on the relationship between racism and capitalism.

Representative Publications

Pulido, Laura, Ellen Kohl, and Nicole-Marie Cotton. “State Regulation and Environmental Justice: The Need for Strategy Reassessment.” Capitalism Nature Socialism 27.2 (2016): 12-31.

Pulido, Laura, and Manuel Pastor. “Where in the World Is Juan—and What Color Is He?: The Geography of Latina/o Racial Identity in Southern California.” American Quarterly 65.2 (2013): 309-341.

Pulido, Laura. “Race, Class, and Political Activism: Black, Chicana/o, and Japanese‐American Leftists in Southern California, 1968–1978.” Antipode 34.4 (2002): 762-788.

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