Phillip Y. Lipscy

Phillip Y. Lipscy is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and the Thomas Rohlen Center Fellow at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University. Professor Lipscy earned his B.A. in Economics and Political Science and M.A. in International Policy Studies from Stanford University and Ph.D. in Political Science at Harvard University.

He researches international relations, international and comparative political economy, international organizations, and the politics of East Asia, particularly Japan.

Representative Publications

Lipscy, Phillip Y., and Hirofumi Takinami. “The Politics of Financial Crisis Response in Japan and the United States.” Japanese Journal of Political Science 14.03 (2013): 321-353.

Lipscy, Phillip Y., and Lee Schipper. “Energy Efficiency in the Japanese Transport Sector.”Energy Policy 56 (2013): 248-258.

Lipscy, Phillip Y., Kenji E. Kushida, and Trevor Incerti. “The Fukushima Disaster and Japan’s Nuclear Plant Vulnerability in Comparative Perspective.” Environmental Science & Technology 47.12 (2013): 6082-6088.

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