Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott is a Professor of Geology and Environmental Science and Chair of the department at the University of Pittsburgh. He earned his B.A. in Biology and M.A. in Geology from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Professor Abbott uses stratigraphy with geochemical, biogeochemical and stable isotopic analysis to investigate questions regarding climate change and human history and predict how climate change will affect us in the future.

Representative Publications

Anderson, Lesleigh, et al. “Lake Oxygen Isotopes as Recorders of North American Rocky Mountain Hydroclimate: Holocene Patterns and Variability at Multi-Decadal to Millennial Time Scales.” Global and Planetary Change 137 (2016): 131-148.

Barreiro-Lostres, Fernando, et al. “Sediment Delivery and Lake Dynamics in a Mediterranean Mountain Watershed: Human-Climate Interactions During the Last Millennium (El Tobar Lake Record, Iberian Range, Spain).” Science of the Total Environment 533 (2015): 506-519.

Hillman, Aubrey L., et al. “Environmental Legacy of Copper Metallurgy and Mongol Silver Smelting Recorded in Yunnan Lake Sediments.” Environmental Science & Technology 49.6 (2015): 3349-3357.

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