Elizabeth Bartholet

Elizabeth Bartholet is the Morris Wasserstein Public Interest Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Child Advocacy Program at Harvard University. Professor Bartholet is also the Founding Director and President of the Legal Action Center, the sole non-profit law and policy organization dedicated to fighting discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS and histories of addiction. She earned her B.A. in English Literature from Radcliffe College and J.D. from Harvard University.

She researches civil rights and family law, specializing in child welfare, adoption, and reproductive technology.

Representative Publications

Bartholet, Elizabeth. “Thoughts on the Liberal Dilemma in Child Welfare Reform.” William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 24 .3 (2016): 725-732.

Bartholet, Elizabeth. “Intergenerational Justice for Children: Restructuring Adoption, Reproduction and Child Welfare Policy.” Law & Ethics of Human Rights 8.1 (2014): 103-130.

Bartholet, Elizabeth. “International Adoption: The Child’s Story.” Georgia State University Law Review 24.2 (2007): 07-21.

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