Ido Oren

Ido Oren is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the department at the University of Florida. Professor Oren has received prestigious grants and fellowships from organizations such as the MacArthur Foundation and Fulbright. He earned his B.A. in the History of the Middle East and Africa from Tel-Aviv University, M.A. in Political Science from New York University, and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Chicago.

Professor Oren researches international relations theory, international security affairs, and U.S. foreign policy, through the history and politics of American political science, to interpretive methods of political research.

Representative Publications

Oren, Ido, and Ty Solomon. “WMD, WMD, WMD: Securitisation through Ritualised Incantation of Ambiguous Phrases.” Review of International Studies 41.02 (2015): 313-336.

Oren, Ido. “Why Has the United States Not Bombed Iran? The Domestic Politics of America’s Response to Iran’s Nuclear Programme.” Cambridge Review of International Affairs 24.4 (2011): 659-684.

Oren, Ido. “The Unrealism of Contemporary Realism: The Tension between Realist Theory and Realists’ Practice.” Perspectives on Politics 7.02 (2009): 283-301.

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