Elizabeth A. Castelli

Elizabeth A. Castelli is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Religion and Chair of department at Barnard College at Columbia University. Professor Castelli has presented papers at numerous conferences and has served as a panelist in various seminars on religion. She earned her A.B. in English and American Literature from Brown University and M.A. and Ph.D. in Religion from Claremont Graduate School.

Her research concerns early Christian texts and the foundations of Christianity. Within these key areas, she examines religious concepts through a feminist lens to tease out the importance of gender in Christianity. Additionally, Professor Castelli studies the use of the Bible and early Christian documents in modern political, social, and cultural expressions.

Representative Publications

Castelli, Elizabeth A. “The Philosophers’ Paul in the Frame of the Global: Some Reflections.” South Atlantic Quarterly 109.4 (2010): 653-676.

Castelli, Elizabeth A. “What’s the Difference? Religion and the Question of Theory.” Differences 21.1 (2010): 124-136.

Castelli, Elizabeth A. “Praying for the Persecuted Church: US Christian Activism in the Global Arena.” Journal of Human Rights 4.3 (2005): 321-351.

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