David Birdsong

David Birdsong is a Professor of French Linguistics and Chair of the French and Italian Department at the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his A.B. in French from Dartmouth College and A.M. and Ph.D. in Romance Languages from Harvard University.

Professor Birdsong researches second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, bilingualism, and French linguistics.

Representative Publications

Birdsong, David, and Jan Vanhove. “Age of second language acquisition: Critical periods and social concerns.” Lifespan Perspectives on Bilingualism (2016).

Birdsong, David. “Dominance and age in bilingualism.” Applied Linguistics (2014): 1-20.

Birdsong, David, and Libby M. Gertken. “In faint praise of folly: A critical review of native/non-native speaker comparisons, with examples from native and bilingual processing of French complex syntax.” Language, Interaction and Acquisition 4.2 (2013): 107-133.

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